In Memory of Casey

On Thursday, September 7, 2006, I had to take my 10-year-old Maine Coon cat, Casey, to the vet. She’d been acting kind of funny, and lost an alarming amount of weight very quickly. She went from a hefty 17-18 pounds down to 11 pounds, 13 ounces, in about 2 weeks. She was dehydrated and anemic, so the vet wanted to keep her overnight and give her some fluids. They also did an x-ray. That night the vet called and said they saw a mass on the x-ray, and they wanted to do exploratory surgery. So the following day, September 8, 2006 at around lunchtime, that’s what they did. The vet called me and said he was in the middle of surgery, but Casey’s small intestine was covered in cancer, and it had spread to her lymph nodes. She also had fatty liver syndrome, which occurs when a cat loses a lot of weight very quickly. The body goes into starvation mode, melting fat off the body, and the fat ends up getting stuck in the liver, where it causes problems. So I told the vet to sew her up and let her wake up, so I could see her one last time.

When I got to the vet’s office, Casey recognized me immediately, even in the groggy half-drugged state she was in. I held my finger out to her, she sniffed it, rubbed her cheek against it, and started purring. I sat down on a stool next to her cage, and put the front half of her body in my lap, and scratched and stroked her and talked to her, telling her what a sweet, gentle girl she was. I had about an hour with her.

Then the vet came in, and with Casey still in my lap, with my arms around her, the vet administered the euthanasia drug into her IV, and she quietly died as I told her how much I loved her.

I have two other cats, and all three are/were my kids. I was absolutely devastated by her loss. It is physically painful, like there is a hole in my chest, where she was ripped away. I will miss her always.

In Loving Memory…

Maine Valley Casey Coon
August 6, 1996 – September 8, 2006

Many thanks to…

Beth Bishop and Ruth – Casey’s breeders
Quailwood Animal Hospital – Tifton, GA


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