Sock Club Socks?? Not yet…

May 4, 2007 at 1:57 pm 1 comment

So I said I was going to be knitting sock club socks next. I did start them, my first toe-up pair of socks. I got to the ankle, and had a real struggle with the cable, which is worked across eleven stitches. I got so frustrated, and then… Well, then I got more yarn in the mail from The Loopy Ewe, the BEST place on earth to buy sock yarn, and now the best place to buy lace yarn! In that package was some Crystal Palace Panda Cotton in Royal Purple, the color my mom chose for a pair of socks. I was really interested to try this yarn, since I live in south Georgia, and wool is kind of warm in the summer (I wear it anyway). I had my mom pick a pattern, and she chose Country Girl Socks from HeartStrings. The pattern recommends size 1 needles, so that’s what I started with, but they were knitting up too big for my mom’s very petite size 5.5 feet. So I frogged them and started over with size 0 needles, and that looked like it would fix the problem. So I knitted. And knitted. And knitted. Knitting goes reeeeaaallllyyy slow on size 0 needles! But I finally completed them, and I think they turned out well. Here, have a looksee for yourself…

Country Girl Socks2

What do you think?? Not bad?

This yarn wasn’t the easiest to knit with. I found it to be extremely splitty. Maybe it’s because of my tension. I try my darndest to break my needles in half, I pull my yarn so tight. I’m trying to break myself (no pun intended) of this habit, but it’s slow going. It just seemed like the yarn just separated into separate strings very easily, but I’ve got some more, and I’m going to give it another chance.

So, I was getting close to the end of these socks, and what do I get in the mail?? My second Rockin’ Sock Club kit! One look at the yarn, and I had to knit it. The colors are luscious, and it has silk in it! SILK, people! It’s 81% Merino and 19% Tussah silk. Dreamy, to say the least! These are toe-up socks, and I’m fast approaching the heel. Right about the time I get these finished, I should get my sock club kit from The Loopy Ewe! I will finish my first Rockin’ Sock Club kit, but it might have to wait for a bit longer. =)


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Words Do Not Convey… Loopy Ewe Sock Club Socks

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